Game night tonight for the Bucks Wargame Collective! AoS action going on before Heat 3. Slaanesh vs Death, Deepkin vs Gitz, Tzeentch vs SCE! If you live in the Bucks, Berks or Oxfordshire area, get down to the Barn Club in Marlow Bottom on a Wednesday and come say hi! #AOS


Anyone happen to be looking to pick up tabletop painted sylvaneth or idoneth? Got a full army of both im looking to get rid of.

Game night for the Bucks Wargame lads! Heat 3 practice on the agenda we had Seraphon vs Tzeentch (W), Gitz vs Slaanesh (W), ScE (W) vs Death, Skaven (W) vs Deepkin.
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@e_hamon's first club night!
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